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Dental Patient Reviews

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Baton Rouge Dentist Review

"As someone who has always been anxious about dental visits, I have been fortunate to discover Bruns Dental. All of my visits have been a pleasurable experience, and all of the staff is professional, kind, efficient and helpful – from the front desk to the dental chair. I will continue to recommend Bruns to anyone seeking a dental provider. They make every visit enjoyable and effortless for me."

- Wendy

patient since 2007

Family Dentist in Baton Rouge

"I love coming to Dr. Bruns because of the family atmosphere and the service. The receptionists are exceptional and polite as can be. Everyone here are ‘people-persons’ and make me feel appreciated and comfortable as possible. But the reason I like Dr. Bruns’ office the most is because I always leave with a beautiful and sparkling smile!"

- Aundraay

patient since 2008

Invisalign in Baton Rouge

"I’ve been a patient with Bruns Family Dental Center for years. I‘ve always felt like part of the family since day one. The office is very welcoming with a comfortable, elegant atmosphere. The staff is extremely professional and courteous. I always feel like they’re happy to see me… I’ve been extremely satisfied with the service and care that I’ve received here. I can’t imaging receiving dental care anywhere else and plan to be patient here for many years to come!"

- Nicole

patient since 2004

Baton Rouge Affordable Dentist

"Bruns Family Dental provides family care. I enjoy coming because the staff treats me like family."

- Julien

patient since 2007

Preventive Dentist in Baton Rouge

"The dentists and staff are so nice and extremely professional. Everything is explained to me that is easy to understand, and they are always polite in answering my questions."

- David

patient since 2008

Cosmetic Dentist in Baton Rouge

"I started coming here when they first opened because of a friend. I’ve continued to come because of the friendly staff and professionalism. They are always punctual and helpful."

- Billie

patient since 2004

Baton Rouge Affordable Dentist

"Great staff and excellent work!"

- Stacey

patient since 2004

Family Dentist in Baton Rouge

"We love Bruns Family Dental Center!"

- Amanda & Trish

patients since 2005 and 2008

Baton Rouge Dental Office

"The staff is always friendly and helpful with supplying information. Dr. Krista is the best. She really cares about her patients."

- Nicole

patient since 2004

Dentist in Baton Rouge

"When I was first referred to Bruns Dentistry, I had no idea how warm and loving everyone was. That was in 2003, and they continue with the same caring I experienced in the beginning. I love them all."

- Sparkle

patient since 2003

Baton Rouge Invisalign

"Dr. Bruns and the staff are so friendly and personable. They really make you feel comfortable and at home."

- Lindsey

patient since 2007

Family Dentist in Baton Rouge

"Dr. Krista and her entire team are not only professional and knowledgeable, but also very personable. They have a way of putting you at ease the minute you arrive. You feel like you are getting the best dental care in a very welcoming and friendly environment."

- Audrey

patient since 2007

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